2005 Spring Break


March 18th - We left about 4PM. We drove to Huntington, WV.

March 19th - We left Huntington and drove to Williamsburg, VA  On the way we stopped at Tacoma, WV. We got to the condo around 4PM.  We relaxed for a while, then headed to Norfolk to pick up Debby and Jessica from the Airport.

March 20th We hung out at the condo for a good part of the day.  We then went to the town of Jamestown, VA. Page 1 Page 2.

March 21st  We went to Yorktown, VA. Page 1 Page 2.

March 22nd We drove to Arlington, VA and took the Metro into Washington, DC.  We visited the Space Museum.  We then walked to the Capital Building, then to the White House, then to the Lincoln Memorial, then to the Viet Nam Memorial, then to the Korean Memorial.

March 23rd We took the Metro back into Washington DC.  We went to the US History Museum, the the Natural Museam and the we walked to the Jefferson Memorial. Washington DC Pictures Page 1 Page 2

March 24th  We went to Busch Gardens - Williamsburg

March 25th We went to Virginia Beach.  We first went to the Virginia Aquarium.  Then we went to the strip on Virginia Beach.