July 2006


We took 2 trips to Minnesota in the month of July.  One trip was to take Joshua to A Hockey Camp.  The second trip was to pick him up.

The first trip was just a quick trip to Detroit Lakes, MN.  We did manage to stop at the Mall of America in Bloomington (Minneapolis), MN.  After we dropped Joshua off in Detroit Lakes, we came back home via Sioux Falls, SD.


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The second trip.  After we picked Joshua up from Detroit Lakes.  We went to Itasca State Park, the Mississippi Headwaters.  We camped in the park the evening before.  We then went to Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park.  We camped there for the night, then went to Mystery Cave.  After Mystery Cave, we went to Niagara Cave.  It was 7 hours from home at that point, so we just dove home.


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Postcards From Minnesota